Private Bankers

eXact solution for Wealth Management / Private Banking
The process of relationship, including approach, offer and continuous customer care, is the final part of delivery of financial advisory services.
ANALYSIS suggests a solution in order to integrate support and enhancement of all stages of knowledge, monitoring and customer relations, in line with the investment assessments defined by the financial strategist.
eXact solution dedicated to relational sphere of Wealth Management and Private Banking fully offers via ASP the following key features:
 complete set of financial markets and individual securities information
 integrated management and monitoring of the portfolios
 customized portfolio reports
 alerting systems for each instrument and / or portfolios, depending on the offset key values defined.
 integration of computing tools, cones of probability and what-if scenarios to support customer relationship.
 integration with custom content module CMS (Content Management System)
 comprehensive multi-asset database (investment funds, ETFs, bonds, shares and benchmark indices)
 analysis and comparisons with model portfolios and benchmarks and subsequent assessments of operations on the portfolio: rebalancing and changes (single or multiple portfolios).
 daily monitoring of portfolio risk / return tracking and periodic or on-demand assessment report.