Financial Advisors

eXact solution for MiFid compliant advisory
The eXact solution offers a specific service for independent financial advice m via ASP, here below reported the service key features:
 selection and comparing of individual securities
 analysis, construction and monitoring of integrated portfolio
 customization of reports by asset class
 measurement of historical performance and risk profile
 financial database multi-asset (investement funds, ETFs, bonds, equities, indices and benchmark)

MiFID form for the profile control of the adequacy of customer
The eXact service was also designed conforms to the directive in MiFID according to control adequacy and customer profiles through a complete tool for the traceability of information, the register of recommendations and management of customer communications.
The optional MiFID module allows to provide an integrated solution MiFID compliant, full of necessary services to institutional and non-institutional (independent fee-only advisors) engaged in financial advisory services as required by the european directive, in particular:
   Customer profiling by specific form compiling
   storage and printing of the electronic questionnaire implemented according to the customer standard form
   selection of investment profiles best matched the profile of the customer
   logging and tracking customer data
  adequacy assessment in real time based on the risk profile of customers, portfolio trade simulations – what-if analysis – management of   alerts for changes adequacy and market events, periodic reports and registration of transactions made by customers.