Discretionary Portfolio Manager

eXact solution for institutionals portfolio managers
Analysis offers a modular web based service eXact Portfolio Manager Suite delivered as an ASP solution, customizable and scalable dedicated to institutionals discretionary portfolio manager either investment funds or multi-asset based.
The eXact Suite solution uses a proprietary financial database integrated into the service among the largest currently available on the domestic market.
Analysis in fact directly handles information from asset management company, in this way can offer to the portfolio manager a complete service of selection and monitoring of investment funds products exclusively reserved to institutional clients.
Analysis and selection of financial instruments
eXact is a service via Internet which enables a detailed and flexible analysis of each financial products in relation to market indexes and benchmarks, adopting selection criteria based on various quantitative parameters, customizable ranking and scoring.
The solution includes sophisticated selection tools, analysis, portfolio construction and monitoring of real and model portfolios (with multi-period rebalancing of holdings weights either drifting or constant proportion) and with different levels of detail, the production of reports could be built on a basis of end-user template with custom frequency and automatic sending.
The system allows the selection, analysis and comparison of Investment funds, ETFs, the major domestic and international bond market issues , equity securities traded on major markets in Europe, North America and Far East markets.
Transactions-based and model portfolio management
eXact is a comprehensive solution to monitor the portfolio management in investment funds, debt and equity securities, for measuring performance and risk is an extensive and comprehensive library of analytics tools for the calculation of the quantitative indicators from individual constituents to the overall portfolio.
eXact Suite Portfolio Manager makes available the following key features for the portfolio consolidation and reporting activity:
♦  Portfolio returns analysis – calculation of MWRR, TWRR (in compliance with the GIPS standards), performance indicators, calculation of performance against a benchmark performance contribution and performance attribution
♦  Risk portfolio analysis – VaR calculation of overall portfolio risk contribution for individual securities, calculation of risk indicators such as volatility, tracking error volatility.
♦  Scenario Analysis – What-if analysis for individual instruments in the portfolio simulation or analysis relative to benchmark indices and sector aggregates (Relative VaR).
♦  Portfolio Reporting – reporting custom layout and content in tabular and graphical formats PDF according to end-user report templates for individual or aggregate portfolios.
♦  Asset allocation – optimization models in accordance to standard mean-variance or Black-Litterman model, calculation of the portfolio and the efficient frontier.
Some key features of eXact suite portfolio solution
A consolidation service portfolio to offer the end-user a complete and updated picture of their portfolios, an overall assessment of risk and an overview that allows a complete and flexible set of comparative and absolute views of the individual  management mandate
  Historicizing transactions that allows the reconstruction of summary statements on any time frame.
 Analytical assessment of the current position of each portfolio, with the possibility of breakdowns by asset classes, highlighting any specific concentrations due to the choices of the portfolio manager.
♦ Analysis of risk / return of individual portfolios of each parameter to highlight the level of individual investment, portfolio manager and individual statements as well, according to market indices and model portfolios.