Since 1987 Analysis has been organizing a series of prestigious forums, according to the Chatham House Rules, inviting some of the most prominent experts from all over the world  to speak on relevant issues, concerning developments in the financial markets and the economic outlook.
An amazing group of CEOs of institutional investors, corporates, banks, insurance companies, as well as top regulators and outstanding economists, attend the meetings giving the opportunity in 2/3 hours to discuss about the most relevant economic and financial topics.
Prominent speakers we hosted include Mario Draghi, Ignazio Visco, Giovanni Tria, Pier Carlo Padoan, Marc Carney, Jens Weidmann, Vitor Constancio, Paul Krugman, Robert Mundell, Jacob Frenkel, Otmar Issing, Mervyn King, Henry Kaufman, John Lipsky e Myron Scholes, as well as other Nobel Prize winners in Economic Sciences.