Since its inception in 1987, ANALYSIS organizes the “Forum”, prestigious event which meets senior managers of institutional investors, industrial , banking, insurance and financial groups to discuss about  major current economic and financial issues.
The “ANALYSIS Forum”, which adheres to a highly qualified panel of members of the senior management of the major groups and institutional investors in Italy, is divided into agile quarterly meetings. The Forum is a closed-door event dealing with an operating approach the most topical issues of economy and financial markets.
Given the constant presence as participants of the most qualified Chief Officers (Executive, Financial and Investment)  working in Italy, the meeting has concentrated from 13.00 to 16.45.  The “Forum” benefit of the intervention of economists and experts of international renown, among which we mention in the recent past Mario Draghi, Giulio Tremonti, Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Vittorio Grilli, Paul Krugman, Robert Mundell, Jacob Frenkel, Otmar Issing, Mervyn King Henry Kaufman, John Lipsky, and Myron Scholes.