Funds Data-feed Service
The funds data-feed service has been designed and implemented to enhance and distribute information on the asset management market financial portals, websites banking, asset management, etc.. The funds database currently covers information of  50,000 mutual funds:
 Italian funds (mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, closed-end funds and major insurance funds companies )
 Funds registered for sales in Euro markets ( Luxembourg, UK, IE, CH, AT, U.S., FR and BE domicile )

Availability, coverage and delivery of information
The funds quots are collected directly from the asset management company and are subject to strict quality controls, the daily activity for collection of daily prices and information direclty assumed by funds prospectus is characterized by high levels of accuracy and completeness, thus enriching the ANALYSIS service and providing an higher value added.
The information collected from various asset management companies are still available to end-user of the service by 9:30 p.m (IT local time).

Dividends, currencies and other dynamic information
All possible changes on the funds information such as corporate actions and classification scheme change are regularly recorded and updated.
As regards dividends, for example, are separately stored in the database, depending on whether the fund is dividend accumulating  or distributing,  for the correct calculation of its performance.
Funds quotes are recorded under the all the currencies provided by the asset management company: in the database are placed in two specific fields, the field value (a numeric field) and the currency field (a field containing the alphabetical identification codes ISO currency).

Brief summary of available information
A summary of available information broken down by data type is below reported:
 Static Data:
ISIN code, fund class and primary class, Fund management company, currency,  inception date, UCITS status, etc.
 Qualitative Data:
Investment objectives and policies, Management style, Fund benchmark, Geographic focus, ANALYSIS classification scheme, etc.
Management fee, Total Expense Ratio, Custodian bank, etc
Min/max Initial charge, Min/max Exit charge
Switching Fee, Deferred charge
 daily NAV and historical data
Time series of Total NAV (Share Class size) in the fund denomination currency and NAV in all currencies directly paid by the management company.
 Quantitative Data:
Absolute key values calculated on any time series frame (Performance, Volatility, Sharpe, Max Drawdown, Quantiles, VaR, etc.)
Relative key values vs benchmark calculated over any time series frame (Alpha, Beta, Tracking err vol., Information ratio, Sortino etc.)

Technical solutions to support customer
Data stream is supported by flexible and adaptive technologies that make it easy to interface to the major platforms and back-office software packages.
Updates of static and quantitative data  can be downloaded via FTP using custom ID and password from the company Web site.
File record definition can be customized and made available through appropriate delivery methods by using most demanding safety levels.