Bonds Data-feed Service
The bonds data-feed service – integrating the database of the respective subsidiaries Promotio and Brambilla Titoli – is recognized as the more consolidated over time and one of the leading and used database specialized on bonds Italian market:
  Italian Banks Corporate Bonds
  Euro Government Bonds
  Non-euro government bonds
  Euro Corporate Bonds
  Non-euro Corporate bonds
  Other debt securities (Sovereign, Supranational, Municipal)

The database currently contains more than 25,000 bonds still living, with high coverage of corporate bonds issued by domestic financial institutions. In particular, a full coverage is guaranteed as regards the Italian domestic market MOT,  EUROMOT and EuroTLX, whereas for the other major european bond markets is guaranteed a basic coverage of the securities.
An additional service of data entry on demand is guaranteed by ANALYSIS, according to specific schedules required by the end-user.
The data-feed service  – in addition to static information of the securities registered in the database – allows to incorporate the accurate assessment of indicators calculated for each individual security (accrued interest, yields to maturity, current yields , duration, fair price, asset swap spread, VaR , etc).

Static data, corporate actions, coupons and prepayments update
For each security, “Terms and Conditions” documentation is required prior to the issuing entity. All the possible variations in the lifetime of the security – any coupons change and prepayments – are constantly recorded and updated, including updating of forward coupons, according to the specific indexing parameter of the Floating Rate Note.

Brief summary of available information
A summary of available information broken down by data type is below reported:
 Static Data
ISIN code, expiration date, issue date and price, coupon frequency and redemptions, annual coupon rate, amount outstanding and redemption price, security subordination status, etc)
 Coupons and Capital Amortizing Cash Flows:
Capital amortization, prepayments and historical coupons with specific  payment date and amount.
 Floating Rate Indexing:
Structuring of the database indexing formulas to allow the calculation of forward coupon rates for the correct assessment of the fair price
 Quantitative data:
Quantitative key values are calculated on market historical close prices (gross / net accruals and yields, duration, asset swap spread), as well as  fair prices evaluation for unlisted securities.

Technical solutions to support customer
Data stream is supported by flexible and adaptive technologies that make it easy to interface to the major platforms and back-office software packages.
Updates of static and quantitative data  can be downloaded via FTP using custom ID and password from the company Web site.
File record definition can be customized and made available through appropriate delivery methods by using most demanding safety levels.