Database tools and data-feed integrated services 

The ANALYSIS financial database was initially conceived and designed to distribute and enhance information and analysis on the asset management market and has gradually extended – because of the completeness of the instruments registered in the ANALYSIS database – to all activities in the area of investment decision-making process to assist players such as Asset Managers, Private Banks, Family offices, Financial advisors (tied agent or independent fee-only advisors), up to Internet banking sites with simplified versions and accessible by all.
This new service aims to increase and enhance ANALYSIS services for distribution of information particularly focused on bonds and asset management products, providing access to specialized information and analysis on a variety of funds according to criteria of coverage and accuracy. All data collected  from the asset management company and the financial issuing institutions are subjected to stringent quality controls, with the effort to update the daily prices of funds and information directly assumed by the original bond / funds prospectus is characterized by high levels of accuracy and completeness.
Updates on daily quotes, instruments information and multiple quantitative indicators are available with custom data stream and appropriate delivery mode.
Coverage and Accuracy
The eXact database contains information on over 70,000 products still living including:
     Mutual Funds, SICAV, ETF / ETC / ETN, Pension Funds / Insurance, Hedge Funds
     Government and Corporate Bonds, especially on bond issues of European markets
     Stock listed on major markets
     Indices of the leading distributors of market benchmarks

 Mutual Funds
 Hedge Funds
 Real Estate funds
 Closed-end funds
 Open-end pension funds
 Insurance funds

 Government and supranational (Europe and North America)
 Emerging government bonds ( specialized on Euro issues )
 Domestic corporate banking bonds issue

 European markets
 North America Stock exchange
 Tokio Stock Exchange
 Hong Kong Stock Exchange

 FX currency historical data (ECB source)

Index *
 MSCI equity indexes (cross-currency based on WM source)
 BofA-Merrill Lynch Government and Corporate Bond indexes
 JP Morgan Government Bond indexes (GBI)
 Dow Jones equity indexes
 Dow Jones – Credit Suisse Hedge Funds indexes
 Stock exchange market indexes
 Italian domestic bond, funds and equity market indexes

* Customer may use the indexes data for internal use only, for any other use the customer have to get a direct contract with the index distributor company

Data-feed services