Extensive analytics tools
The browser-based graphical user interface developed allows intuitive access to financial information and analysis generated by a powerful financial calculation engine, providing the end-user a wide range of qualitative and quantitative analysis with specialized methods:

 Extensive library of functions for calculating quantitative indicators of risk/return.
 Extended capabilities of models to calculate the theoretical price of bonds and structured products (external libraries).
 Proprietary classification scheme of funds to allow easy and dynamic development of peer-groups.
 Customized comparisons with benchmark comparisons, funds, index, ranking and scoring on a wide range of customizable indicators
Integrated environment for effective portfolio management (based on transactions executed) or model portfolios (based on portfolio holdings with weight percentages of each financial instrument)
 Analysis of perfomance contribution with the breakdown by asset class or customized for different securities in the portfolio (computed using either the Time weighted or the Money Weighted even with currency contribution)
 Analysis of performance attribution with the breakdown in the two essential components of tactical asset allocation and stock selection with an “exact” under multiperiod sectoral breakdown customizable.
 Portfolio optimization (either with a mean-variance of returns standard approach or with a Bayesian prediction approach to estimate the expected returns according to a model introduced by Black-Litterman)
 Measure of the Value-at-Risk for multi-asset portfolios (either with a parametric approach including the possibility of back-testing or with the historical simulation method)
 Extended and customized functions for perfomance tracking versus benchmark (tracking error, relative VaR, etc.)

eXact Browser
eXact Browser covers a wide spectrum of financial investment decision needs, from investors relations websites to professional terminal solutions:

 Simplify access to an extensive set of data, through a simple and robust financial research engine
 Provide fully managed and customized solutions – including report automation – for any financial institution wishing add value
 Generate analysis and customized portfolio reports with specific breakdown features based on user-defined financial instruments classification scheme
 Customized tabular reports and graphical plot formatted and exported to Excel or PDF.
eXact report management system has been designed to deliver both the internal and external reporting for customer or investors.
eXact allows also for a customer tailored portfolio reporting or user-customised reporting, by the use of report generators offered by Analysis as an outsourcing service.
Reports are generated either manually via the end-user interface or via automated batch runs and may be distributed trough FTP site or email. The most common form is an “ad hoc” reporting exported to Microsoft Excel.

Technology & Scalability
eXact technology consists of a robust and scalable platform based on most recent innovative technologies implemented on a proprietary middleware as well as a Unix server farm based on a clustered architecture. Most calculations have parallel and distributed computing algorithms for enhanced speed.
Using industry-standard technologies – including Microsoft .NET, XML, Web Services – eXact leverages proven and innovative technology to deliver a strongely adaptive and reliable ASP solution.
According to a software-as-a-service model, the platform provides customers direct access to all data and functions available on eXact, avoiding installation or maintainance of hardware and software.

Analytic tools available for: